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Top 6 Free GPS Navigation Apps in 2021 | Android & iOS


  • 2GIS
  • MapQuest
  • Scout GPS
  • Navitel Navigator
  • Google Maps

Living in a more or less large settlement, it’s very difficult to do without navigation tools. What to say, if you live in a megalopolis. That is why it is a good idea to have one of the navigation apps for your iPhone at hand. In this article we show you the best navigation apps for Android and iPhone.


One of the first navigation apps for smartphones, which were implemented offline maps, so you do not need to go online to find point “B”. But 2GIS is not just mobile maps, it is also an extremely informative guidebook, comparable to the Yellow Pages. Find the nearest place to eat? Not a problem. And if you want to make a reservation, 2GIS will not only tell you the address but also the opening hours and contact information.

The peculiarity of the application is that when you first run it, you will anyway need to download offline maps for your city, that is, 2GIS simply does not work in online mode. When building a route, 2GIS takes into account how you will get there: on foot, by public transport, by cab or by car. In each case, one or more of the shortest routes will be taken.


One of the original navigation services in desktop format also exists in app form.

Focus is mostly on maps and driving directions, although it also offers turn-by-turn navigation and traffic information.
Offers multiple routes to choose from based on what you prefer
Can tell you where to find best gas prices.
Allows you to search for and book hotel and restaurant reservations in the app.

Pop-up ads turn some users off.
Map size can be too small to see details
Mobile version can give inaccurate directions.
Not available offline.

Scout GPS

Bills itself as the “only social navigation app”.

Has normal features including turn-by-turn navigation, real-time traffic information and speed updates
Offers social features like nearby restaurants recommended by users.
Can text people automatically to let them know your estimated arrival time.

Basic version is free, but premium features like GPS cost $4.99 per month or $24.99 per year.
App only works in the US at the moment
Can decrease the battery life of your phone due to the app running in the background.
Some users have noted safety and privacy concerns due to location sharing.

Navitel Navigator

Another car navigation apps for iPhone is on the turn. If you are an experienced motorist, then you probably heard about such a well-known company as Navitel, whose maps were once installed on almost every navigator. If we talk about the GPS app for iPhone, here the developers pay attention to the interface at the last moment, which cannot be said about the functionality.

For example, the most significant plus of Navitel is the area of coverage: if you are an avid traveler, you will be pleased with the fact that it feels great throughout Europe, Asia and America, and the navigator is functioning in offline mode (but it is worth considering the impressive weight of many maps). Other features include a convenient search for important organizations, displaying the level of traffic jams, providing a detailed weather forecast, speed control, as well as searching and adding friends.

Google Maps

One of Google’s most significant services is Maps. If previously the application from Google was strongly inferior to the solution from Yandex (largely due to the low detail of maps, even in major cities), now they are about equal, but Google has a few notable options, missing from the competitor.

For example, while using Google Maps for a long time, you’ll probably be interested in seeing the places you’ve been to. And if you need your loved ones to know where you are at the moment, activate the geodata transfer feature. No Internet access? No problem. Just preload the offline maps and use them at any time, wherever you are.


An indispensable app for travelers. If you want to visit a new country don’t forget to download the region you want so you can use MAPS.ME without having access to the internet.

The main features of MAPS.ME are a selection of entertainments in the selected region, creation of routes (unlike other map apps for iPhone the application allows to create bicycle routes), easy search of places by categories, instant saving of labels, sending your current location to friends and many more.

Each of the presented apps for iPhone has detailed and constantly updated maps, but at the same time they are very different, having their own unique features. We hope you were able to find the perfect offline maps for you with our help.

Above we told you about free nav apps for Android and iPhone. I hope you have found the most convenient GPS app for you.

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