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Music Overlay Apps for iPhone Videos


Putting music on video
Method 1: iMovie
Method 2: InShot

In order to make your iPhone video interesting and memorable, it’s worth adding music to it. This is easy to do right on your mobile device, and most apps allow you to apply effects and transitions to your audio. Learn how you can music overlay apps for iPhone videos.

Putting music on video

iPhone does not provide its owners the ability to edit videos with the standard functions. Therefore, the only option to add music to videos is to download special applications from the App Store.

Method 1: iMovie

Completely free application developed by Apple is popular with iPhone, iPad and Mac owners. It is supported, including older versions of iOS. When editing, you can add various effects, transitions, filters.

Before you start the process of joining music and video, you need to add the necessary files to your smartphone. To do this, we recommend reading the following articles.

If you already have the music and video you want, get to work with iMovie.
Download the app from the App Store and open it.
Opening the iMovie app on your iPhone to overlay music on your video
Tap the Create Project button.
Tap “Movie.”

Select the desired video you want to put music on. Confirm your selection by tapping “Create Movie.”
To add music, find the plus icon on the edit bar.
In the menu that opens, find the “Audio” section.
Tap “Songs.
This will show you all the audio you have on your iPhone. When you select a song, it will automatically play. Click Use.

The music will automatically overlay on your video. In the edit panel, you can tap the audio track to change its length, volume, and speed.
When you are finished editing, click the Done button.
To save the video, tap on the special “Share” icon and select “Save Video”. The user can also upload the video to social networks, messengers and email.

Select the quality of the output video. It will then be saved to the Media Library of the device.

Method 2: InShot

The app is actively used by Instagram bloggers, as it is convenient to make videos just for this social network. InShot offers all the basic functions for quality video editing. However, the final saved recording will have the app’s watermark. This can be fixed by buying the PRO version.

Open the InShot app on your device.
Tap on “Video” to create a new project.
Select the video file you want.
From the toolbar, find Music.

Add a song by clicking on the special icon. In the same menu, you can also select the microphone voice recording feature to add it to your video later. Allow the app to access your Media Library.

Go to “iTunes” to search for music on your iPhone. When you tap on any song, it will start playing automatically. Tap on “Use.”
By tapping on the audio track, you can change the volume of the music and trim it at the right moments. InShot also offers to add fade in and fade out effects. When you’re finished editing the audio, click the checkmark icon.
Click the checkmark icon again to finish working with the audio track.

To save the video, find Share – Save. Here you can also choose which social networks to share it with: Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
Saving a video clip in the InShot iPhone app
There are other video editing apps that offer a variety of tools to work with, including adding music. You can read more about them separately in our articles.

We’ve figured out 2 ways to insert music into videos using apps from the App Store. You cannot do this with the standard iOS tools.