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How to Use Apple Wallet on iPhone?


  • Using the Apple Wallet app
  • Adding a bank card
  • Adding a discount cards
  • Paying for items using Apple Pay
  • Deleting a card

The Apple Wallet app is an electronic replacement for your wallet. In it you can store your bank and discount cards, and at any time you can use them to pay at the checkout in stores. Today, we’ll take a closer look at how to use this app.

Using the Apple Wallet app

For those users who don’t have NFC on their iPhone, contactless payment functionality is not available in Apple Wallet. However, it can be used as a wallet for storing discount cards and applying them before paying for a purchase. If you own an iPhone 6 or newer, you can additionally link your debit and credit cards and forget about the wallet completely – payments for services, goods and e-payments will be made using Apple Pay.

Adding a bank card

To link your debit or credit card to Wallet, your bank must support Apple Pay. If necessary, you can get the required information on the bank’s website or by calling customer service.

Launch the Apple Wallet app, and then tap the plus icon in the upper right corner.
Click the “Next” button.
The “Add Card” window will launch, and you’ll need to take a picture of the front of the card: to do this, point your iPhone camera and wait for the smartphone to automatically capture the image.

Once the information is recognized, the screen will display the card number read, along with the cardholder’s first and last name. Edit this information if necessary.

In the next window, enter the card details, namely the expiration date and the security code (a three-digit number usually found on the back of the card).

To complete adding your card, you’ll need to go through verification. For example, if you are a Sberbank client, you will receive a message on your cell phone number with a code, which must be entered in the appropriate box on the Apple Wallet.

Adding a discount cards

Unfortunately, not all discount cards can be added to the application. You can add a card in one of the following ways:

  • Clicking on the link received in an SMS message;
  • Clicking on the link received in an e-mail;
  • Scanning a QR code marked “Add to Wallet”;
  • Registration through the app-store;
  • Automatically adding a discount card after payment with Apple Pay in the store.

Let’s look at the principle of adding a discount card using the example of the Lenta store, it has an official app in which you can link an existing card or create a new one.
In the Lenta app window, click on the central card icon.
In the window that will open, click “Add to Apple Wallet”.
An image of the card and a barcode will appear next. You can complete the linking by clicking on the “Add” button in the upper right corner.

From now on, the card will be in the electronic app. To use it, launch Wallet and select the card. A barcode will be displayed on the screen, which you will need to read to the salesperson at the checkout before paying for the product.

Paying for items using Apple Pay

To pay for goods and services at the checkout, launch Wallet on your smartphone and then tap on the card you want.

To proceed with the payment, you’ll need to confirm your identity with your fingerprint or facial recognition. If you can’t authenticate using either of these two methods, enter the passcode from the lock screen.

If authorization is successful, the message “Bring your device to the terminal” will appear on the screen. At this point, put your smartphone body to the reader and hold it for a couple of moments until you hear a distinctive beep from the terminal, indicating that the payment was successful. At this point, the message “Done” will pop up on the screen, which means you can put the phone away.

You can use the Home button to quickly launch Apple Pay. To set up this feature, open Settings and then go to Wallet and Apple Pay.

In the next window, activate the “Double Tap Home” option.
In case you have more than one bank card tethered, select the “Card” section in the “Default Payment Options” block, and then check which one will come up first.
Lock your smartphone, and then double-click the home button. The default card will launch on the screen. If you plan to use it to make a transaction, authenticate with Touch ID or Face ID and hold your device up to the terminal.
If you plan to pay with another card, select it from the list below and then verify it.

Deleting a card

Any bank or discount card can be removed from Wallet if necessary.
Launch the payment app, and then select the card you plan to remove. Next, tap the triple dot icon to open the additional menu.
At the very end of the window that opens, select the “Remove Card” button. Confirm this action.

Apple Wallet is an application that really makes life easier for every iPhone owner, This tool provides not only the ability to pay for goods, but also to make payments securely.