How to Install Zoom on Android and iPhone


  • Android
  • Google Play Market
  • APK-file
  • iOS


There are only two official ways to install the Zoom app on Android devices. The first method described below is more simple and convenient, and the second method is used if there is no possibility to use Google Play Market on the device and there is no time or desire to install the Store.

Google Play Store

Use the link below or open the Google app store and find the Zoom Cloud Meetings page by typing the service name in the search box.

Tap the “Install” button under the name Zoom Cloud Meetings and the panel with basic information about the app. Then wait for the necessary files to finish downloading and install the video conferencing client on your device.
Zoom for Android the process of installing the application from Google Play Market

Once the installation of the tool is complete, the “Open” button will become active on its page in the Play Market, and the “Zoom” icon will appear on your Android desktop. Use one of these elements to launch the application for the first time, and to register or authorize in the service.

APK file

Using any preferred web browser on your mobile device (Google Chrome for Android in the example below) go to the official web resource of the system in question – Scroll to the bottom of the main page of the site and tap on the name “Conference Client” in the “Download” section.
Zoom for Android goes to the apk file download page at the service’s official site

Or, much faster, go to the following link on your Android device – this will take you to the download section of the video conferencing service website:

On the page that opens, click on the second of the buttons titled “Zoom for Conferencing Client” – “Download from Zoom”. Confirm (if displayed) the browser’s request for a potentially dangerous action.

Bring up the browser menu, navigate from it to “Downloaded Files” and tap the name of the file zoom.apk.

The second option, which involves initiating the installation procedure of the video conferencing client – go to the “Downloads” folder (“Download”) using any file manager for Android and open the zoom.apk file from there.

Confirm your intentions to install Zoom by tapping “INSTALL” under the operating system request in the window displayed, wait for the application to unpack.
Zoom for Android is the process of installing the application from an APK file, obtained from the official site

Once the APK installer window disappears from the screen, the installation of Zoom for Android is considered completed. Click on the shortcut on the desktop to launch the tool and be able to register or log in to the video conferencing system.
Zoom for Android installation of the application, by unpacking the APK file, obtained from the official site of the service, is completed.


Applying Zoom client to iPhone is not much different from the process of installing any other iOS program, which consists in downloading the necessary software from Apple App Store.

Click on “DOWNLOAD” under the Zoom client name on its App Store page, then “Install” under the request that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Wait for the components to finish downloading and then install Zoom in the aiOS environment.

As a result of a successful installation, the Zoom Cloud Meetings page in the Apple App Store will show an “Open” button and the “Zoom” icon will appear in the list of programs available on the iPhone. Click on any of these objects to launch the video conferencing client for the first time and proceed to register the account you need to use it.