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5 Ways How to Hack iPhone From a Distance

Today I would like to share with you 5 simple ways to hack iPhone from a distance. After all, there are situations when you need to discreetly monitor your child, find out “what your employees are breathing” or even spy on your other half.
By getting into someone else’s iPhone, you get access to a huge amount of information: with whom the “object of care” had contact, where he went and at what time, what he was looking for on the Internet, and so on.
On the other hand, many people live by the principle “if you want to spy, learn to program. I can’t agree with that and here’s why…
Cracking an iPhone password is a piece of cake. The main thing is not to miss the choice of spyware. And then it’s a matter of technique!

So, let’s memorize the order of actions: read the article, get acquainted with the 5 simple ways to “crack” someone else’s device remotely…and go ahead – apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

How to hack iPhone remotely with Cocospy?

Cocospy is one of the best spy apps for hacking iPhone. Although it has only recently made its debut on the market, this really cool software has managed to win the appreciation of millions of users around the world.
Being absolutely legal software, Cocospy gives you access to such powerful options as device location tracking, monitoring other people’s social network accounts, intercepting phone calls, etc.
Moreover, with this hacking ace, you do not need to jailbreak or install additional software. Just “get” the login and password to the user’s iCloud account and, under the guise of Cocospy, infiltrate someone else’s iPhone. Remotely.

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What makes Cocospy so “desirable”?

  • Cocospy is the most authentic and reliable spyware for monitoring iPhone.
  • It doesn’t require physical access to infiltrate the target device.
  • “Hoarding” Cocospy will save all the data it has mined, even the contents of the trash can, in the “back of your control panel”.
  • You can discover Cocospy’s hidden benefits by testing the free demo version here.

How to stealthily upload to iPhone using Cocospy:

  • Create a Cocospy account.
  • In the control panel enter the Apple ID and password of another user.Go to the Cocospy panel to get full access to the target phone and use any of the offered options to control the device.

How do I hack my iPhone with Spyzie?

Spyzie is another ace of iPhone spying and hacking. It is somewhat inferior to Cocospy in terms of reliability, but has a number of impressive features.
With Spyzie, you can intercept phone calls, monitor e-mail correspondence, view browser history, monitor social networking activity and much more.
Like Cocyospy, Spyzie also infiltrates someone else’s iPhone remotely through iCloud authorization.

Spyzie’s options are:

  1. Set time limits: By activating the “parental control” feature, you can set time limits so that kids can only use the phone during certain hours.
  2. Monitor social networks: You will get full access to the profiles of social networks and messengers, such as Facebook and WhatsApp. You’ll be in control of other people’s personal correspondence, along with the date and time, as well as all media files.
  3. Geofencing: This is used to set up “safe” and “dangerous” zones. When your phone enters or leaves one of these areas, you are immediately notified.
  4. Call and text message interception: You can read all messages, view your call log and contact list.
  5. In addition to the above options, which are part of the “advanced” category, there are others that are just as attractive.

How to hack iPhone remotely, through Spyzie?

  1. Go to spyzie.com and create an account.
  2. Enter your iPhone login credentials and log in.
  3. Using someone else’s username and password, log in to your iCloud account.
  4. Go to the Spyzie panel. Look around, all the functionality of the app is at your full disposal.

How to crack iPhone password with iKeymonitor

iKeyMonitor is the dream of all parents, who want to keep an eye on their kids. Thanks to its advanced and quite “cool” functionality, you will be able to fully control your child.
Features like “call logging” and “social media monitoring” will allow you to be aware of who your kids are in contact with, what they’re talking about.
A kid on the phone and you don’t know what he’s doing? Then the options “View browser history” and “Take screenshots in private” are for you.
Moreover, taking advantage of “GPS-tracker” and “Geo-fencing”, you will know where your children are going to go and where they are restricted. You can also test a free 3-day trial before you buy the app.

How to infiltrate your iPhone remotely, through iKeyMonitor?

  1. Create account
  2. Login to Online Cloud Panel.
  3. Download the iKeyMonitor spy app by selecting “Download >iKeyMonitor-iPhone/iPad(No JB).
  4. In the field that appears, enter your password and iCloud ID.
  5. Give the system 30-60 minutes to update all the data on your dashboard.
  6. You now have full access to your iPhone monitoring app dashboard.
  7. How do I hack someone else’s iPhone from a distance?
    FlexiSPY is one of the most effective spyware applications that can hack an iPhone password without any effort. It does this through advanced features including:
  8. Live eavesdropping and recording of phone calls: You can eavesdrop and record other people’s conversations in real-time.
  9. Covertly take screenshots and record photos: With this option you will always know what the “subject of your care” is up to. Moreover, by activating the camera you will be able to take hidden photos of external objects.
  10. Listen to outside sounds: The device’s built-in microphone will covertly record outside sounds.
    Despite its “unrealistic coolness” FlexiSPY is still inferior to other spy apps in two respects. Its high price and the need for a jailbreak reduces its popularity rating.
    In addition, FlexiSPY requires physical access to install on the target iPhone and then monitor the device.

Remote Monitoring of iPhones via FlexiSPY

  1. Select and purchase the FlexiSPY package you need: Premium or Extreme.
  2. Jailbreak your iPhone and install FlexiSPY on the target device.
  3. Go to your control panel to begin monitoring your iPhone.

How to infiltrate an iPhone through a computer

XNSPY is a classic example of an iPhone spy phone hacker with a limited range of capabilities.
It can provide you with access to features such as reading text messages, intercepting phone calls, viewing browser history, location tracking, etc.
Moreover, root rights are required to activate this spy.

Remotely controlling iPhone via XNSPY

  1. Select the XNSPY package and purchase a subscription.
  2. A link to download the spy app will be sent to your email address.
  3. Jailbreak your target iPhone and install XNSPY on it.
  4. Login into XNSPY and begin monitoring the monitored device from the control panel.


Now you can hack an iPhone from a distance yourself. In this article, we have presented 5 different spy apps for your judgment. The selection is really good, but in our opinion it is better to choose mSpy or Spyzie. At least mSpy is definitely one that will never let you down.

All of the above software is easy to use and has proven to be great in practice. Plus, these spyzies do not require physical access to the target device. However, there are some disadvantages. FlexiSPY and XNSPY require jailbreaking and their installation is done manually.
Whatever the case, the final choice is yours. Whichever spy app you choose, we would be interested to hear about it from your comments. You can leave them in the box below.