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SuperTintin – Hidden Skype recording

SuperTintin – Hidden Skype recording

SuperTintin is a specially designed spy software product that is designed for people who have frequent conversations over the Internet with others. This program allows you to record audio and video conversations in high quality. You can view the recording and select the necessary fragments.


SuperTintin can be especially useful for those people who work at a great distance from their relatives and value every minute of communication with them. With this program you can easily record a conversation with your wife, children, parents and other close people and watch it whenever you want. SuperTintin supports Skype, so no problems should not arise.

I suggest you look at the Skype Parental Control utility. It can in a hidden mode (from both interlocutors), record video and audio conversations Skype and other programs using webcam, send recorded files to e-mail or FTP. How to use the program Skype Parental Control, we wrote in the article “Hidden Skype recording”.


This program does not require a lot of technical resources of your PC, so you can safely use it in parallel with other applications. The interface of the application is designed in such a way that it leaves no questions even after the first launch. The user interface is very easy to use and will be understandable to anyone.

I could not avoid the program, I personally use it in conjunction with Skype very often and it has long been in my arsenal of spy gizmos, and incidentally importantly the program can work covertly, that is, the user at the other end will not know that he was recorded.