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Downloading Videos From Instagram to iPhone


  • Downloading Videos from Instagram
  • Instagram Down Apps
  • Screen Recording
  • Using a PC

Instagram to iPhone is an application not only for sharing photos, but also videos that you can post to your profile as well as to your history. If you like a video and want to save it, you can’t use the built-in functions. But there are special programs for downloading.

Downloading Videos from Instagram

The standard Instagram application does not allow to downloading videos other people’s to your phone, which is very limiting for users of the social network. But for such a procedure, special applications have been developed, which can be downloaded from the App Store. You can also use a computer and the iTunes program.

Instagram Down Apps

An excellent application for quickly downloading videos from Instagram. It is characterized by ease of operation and a pleasant design. The download process is also not particularly long, so the user will have to wait only about a minute.

First, we need to get a link to the video from Instagram. To do this, find the post with the desired video and click on the icon with three dots.

Click “Copy link” and it will be saved to the clipboard.

Download and open the Inst Down app on your iPhone. When launched, the previously copied link will be automatically pasted into the right line.
Automatically paste the link from the clipboard in the Inst Down app on your iPhone
Click the Download icon.
Wait for the download to complete. The file will be saved to the Photos app.

Screen Recording

You can save yourself a profile video or Instagram story by recording a screen video. Subsequently, it will become available for editing: trimming, rotation, etc. Let’s consider one of the applications for screen recording on iOS – DU Recorder. This fast and handy app includes all the features you need to work with videos from Instagram.

This option only works for devices that have iOS 11 and above installed. Versions of the operating system below don’t support screen recording apps, so you can’t download them from the App Store. If you don’t have iOS 11 or higher, then use Method 1 or Method 3 from this article.

We’ll take the iPad with iOS 11 as an example. The interface and sequence of steps is the same on the iPhone.

Download the Recorder app on your iPhone.
Go to your device’s Settings – Control Point – Customize controls.
Find “Screen Recording” in the list and click “Add” (plus icon on the left).
Go to the quick access panel by swiping from the bottom of the screen edge. Tap and hold the Record button to the right.
On the menu that appears, select DU Recorder and tap “Start Broadcasting. After 3 seconds, it will start recording whatever is happening on the screen in any app.

Open Instagram, find the video you want, turn it on and wait for it to end. After that, turn off the recording by opening the Quick Access Toolbar again and clicking on “Stop Broadcasting.”

Open DU Recorder. Go to “Videos” and select the video you just recorded.

In the bar at the bottom of the screen, click on the “Share” – “Save Video” icon. It will be saved to “Photos.”

Before saving, the user can trim the file using the program’s tools. To do that, go to the editing section by clicking one of the icons shown in the screenshot. Save the resulting work.

Using a PC

If the user does not want to resort to third-party programs to download videos from Instagram, he can use the computer and iTunes program to solve the task. First, you need to download the video from the official Instagram website to your PC. Next, one should use Apple’s iTunes program to download the video to his iPhone. Read how to do this consistently in the articles below.

To conclude, it should be noted that screen recording, starting with iOS 11, is a standard feature. However, it’s the third-party app that we looked at, as it has additional editing tools to help with downloading and processing videos from Instagram.