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Apps for Downloading Videos on iPhone


  • Video Saver Pro
  • iLax
  • Aloha Browser

As it happens, due to the closed nature of the iOS operating system, iPhone users can periodically encounter various difficulties. For example, when the need arises downloading videos on iPhone, it turns out that it can be downloaded from the Internet only with the help of special applications, about which we will talk below.

Video Saver Pro

The idea of the application is interesting: the ability to download and watch videos from different sources. For example, here you can play photos and videos saved on your iPhone, view and download movies saved in Dropbox and Google Drive, as well as download videos from your computer via Wi-Fi.

And of course, the main feature of Video Saver Pro is the ability to download videos from almost any website. It’s very simple: you go to the website you want to download video from, put it on play, and then Video Saver Pro immediately offers to download it.


A feature-rich application whose features include connecting to cloud storage, downloading videos from any computer over Wi-Fi (both devices must be connected to the same network), setting a password on the application, and downloading videos on iPhone from the Internet.

Downloading is as follows: once you start iLax, a built-in browser will open on your screen, which you use to reach the video you’re looking for. When you put it to play, you will see the coveted “Download” button on the screen. The downloaded video will be available for viewing only from the application.

Aloha Browser

This solution is a full-featured functional browser for iPhone, and as a bonus the user gets the ability to download videos on iPhone and music from the Internet. It has everything you need for comfortable web surfing: a built-in downloader, VPN, private windows, QR-code recognition, VR-video player, traffic saving, ad blocking and stylish interface.

Downloading videos from the internet with Aloha is very easy: open the desired web page, put the video on play, and then click the download icon in the upper right corner, after which you will be prompted to choose a folder and the desired quality. All downloaded videos on iPhone go into a separate “Downloads” section.

Each of the apps presented in this article does an excellent job of downloading videos on iPhone. But in terms of simplicity, convenience, functionality and thoughtful interface, according to the author, Aloha Browser wins.